Professional Development

Professional Development, this is an area that we here at DTS are very proud of and something that goes hand in hand with becoming a member of our fraternity. Through our new member training process we teach young men about resume building, how to perform a proper job interview and how to become a professional, respectable member of society. Our New Membership process jump started the changes that lead to DTS OSU receiving Chapter of the Year and

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Academics: AwardsThe men of DTS all have at least one thing in common, they're here to receive a college degree, and the Leadership of DTS fraternity stress academic excellence. The OSU chapter received the High 5 Year GPA and the Highest Yearly GPA awards from our National board. We also received the OSU Greek Life Standards of Excellence award for most improved GPA for 2012.

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 "You can never pay back; but you can always pay forward" -Woody Hayes

Philanthropy: Roast away for MDA

Delta Theta Sigma was founded on the principles of giving back to the community and for helping those who are less fortunate. DTS participates in a recycling program at Farm Science Review, Roast away for MDA, OSU Relay for Life, Mid Ohio Food Bank, Street Cleanups and numerous other activities raising dollars and volunteering time to pay it forward. 

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80 East 13th Avenue
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